Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow, finally.

After a two year hiatus, we finally got some snow!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

Well, we've reached the very end of winter break. It's raining hard and already quite dark outside. All the Christmas flare is stored away again, most of the cookies are gone. It seemed like it went on forever - probably because we didn't do much which was just enough for me! We actually took the whole two weeks off from schoolwork. Freedom! The boys usually do pretty well with getting everything done, but that's not to say they always do it happily. We didn't even take the summer off, so I really needed the break.

Christmas was lovely. Good times with our family, wonderful gifts we've all been enjoying and playing with. I've had several leisurely, hot, peppermint baths (a gift of scented bath salts)and snacked on way too many gluten free frosted holiday cut-out cookies. Anyway. We get back to our routine tomorrow and since the bridge tolls have finally started, Chris will be leaving by 6:30 so I'll be up and going then as well.

Here are a few photos.

On Christmas Eve we attended the candlelight service at our neighborhood church and then walked home with our candles still burning.

...the kids getting their first glimpse of the presents under the tree early on Christmas morning.

And then they unpacked and unwrapped their socks on our bed.

Yogi, Henry, and Beck study the latest Lego book together.

The family gathers for brunch and more presents.

Finally at the end of Christmas day, I looked in on the boys before I went to bed and this is how I found Yogi. Apparently, he'd been working on the puzzle he got from Auntie Emme right up until the moment he fell asleep.