Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A friend shared this with me the other day. She saw it on PhD in Parenting which is well worth a visit, too.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Now and Later

Well. It's been a long week. After a few days Beck got over his stomach flu, but then on Friday night I came down with it. After two pregnancies I've done more than my share of throwing up, but this bug kicked my butt. And I'm still not feeling exactly right. Yogi got it 12 hours after I started and is still having symptoms.

The good news is that my foot is feeling better and I've caught myself not really noticing my foot for little periods of time -- not feeling anything either way which is how I normally feel about my feet. A good sign. I have my next doctor's appointment on Friday.

So other than running to the bathroom and grabbing my barf bucket, I've been busy planning a little trip to Vancouver Island which we'll take this summer. After I read THE ADVENTURES AND SUFFERINGS OF JOHN R. JEWITT CAPTIVE OF MAQUINNA I decided I'd like to see the place where this story played out especially since it's so close - just north of us off the west coast of Vancouver Island. We'll be taking a day trip on the M.V. Uchuck III out to Yuquot, also known as Friendly Cove, which was the summer home of Chief Maquinna and the Mowachaht/Muchalaht people. I'm planning to spend some time with the kids studying more about the NW Coastal Indians before we go so they have some idea why we're there. It's very remote so it will be an adventure. Here are a few photos:

This is the boat we'll take from Gold River out to Nootka Island.

Friendly Cove from above.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Fun Day with Young Children!

Monday, 7:30 am. Chris walks into the kitchen: Hey, did someone poop on the kitchen floor?

Yogi: Oh, yeah. I did, but it was just a little accident.

Monday, 11:30 pm. Beck: Daddy? I'm almost done spitting the vomit out of my mouth. (This was actually just the first episode out of many, many last night.)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Report From the Couch

Oh boy. I'm on week four with the crutches and it's getting pretty old. About the only thing that feels exciting right now is the fact that this will be a very good tv week -- season premier of Survivor and The Amazing Race and of course tonight is another episode of The Bachelor -- which sadly enough, has been the highlight of my week for the past few! Do you see how bad this is?! Seriously, I'm feeling pretty bummed these days. I miss walking, I miss moving freely, I miss feeling productive.

And on top of all that my foot hurts. The stitch line where they harvested the bone starts to throb after just a few minutes of being vertical. I look down and my foot is reddish purple and slightly puffy all over and it feels like the whole thing is going to burst out of that line of stitches.

On the positive side, I have read some fabulous books lately. This was great and this was even better. Such lovely writing delivering stories I can't put down. And I'm almost finished with this which is a collection of essays and recipes. I just love her funny, descriptive writing and I'm itching to try several of the recipes, too.

We saw this film the other night which I enjoyed and made me laugh out loud.

And this felt a little homemade, but left me inspired and talking with Chris about what dreams we'd like to live with our family. I love this stuff!