Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Heronry

This post is actually the second part of the previous one which I meant to write weeks and weeks ago after our last weekend trip up to the cabin. That's me standing below a heronry also known as a heron rookery.

Last summer I noticed big groups of herons hovering and circling above some alders near the cabin. Being summer, the trees were covered with leaves so I couldn't see what the herons were doing after they dropped down into the canopy, but I had a feeling that something important was going on in those trees.

And sure enough, when I made a point to investigate now that the trees are naked, we discovered this community of nests. Some trees had up to six nests, all about 2-3 feet wide.

We took the boys to see them the next day under a bright blue sky and icy wind. The trees and their nests were swaying back and forth and I could imagine what a lovely nursery that would make.

It's funny that I grew up here and have seen Great Blue Herons my entire life, but I've never seen a herony. I wish we could see it full of baby birds, but I'm sure that would upset them all too much.