Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekend Away

After a six month hiatus, we finally made a weekend trip up to the cabin. Mom and Dad generously offered to have Ember so it was just the four of us this time which made it quieter, simpler, and easier to do some serious walking and exploring. It was a nice break and a balm to my gridlocked muscles. I'm never as relaxed as I am by the woodstove in the cabin. The livingroom becomes as dry and hot as a sauna - warm enough that they boys were down to their underwear and I took off my Patagonia fleece which is mighty rare for me in the winter.

Plus it's just so pretty there. Even when it's totally socked in and matte grey with clouds and mist, the water, sky and land become a study of the softest greys and blues. And without any wind, the water looked silky flat. Later the sprinkles became real rain which roughed up the surface a little. The boys worked on this raft, loaded it with shells and rocks, and then launched it out to sea. Later we looked for it, but it had quietly disappeared.
Yogi in the mist.