Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Urban Heronry

It's April, but winter drags on. We haven't even cracked 50 degrees for days and the rain keeps drizzling down. On the bright side, we spotted another heronry - this time in a busy urban situation. It was actually a few weeks ago on an outing to the Ballard Locks with my sister-in-law and my neice that I noticed several herons in a large Alder tree. Then my eyes scaned over the tree and noticed a few big nests with herons actually sitting in them! I knew I had to bring Chris back for a photo shoot before the trees leafed out so we went back last weekend and here are the shots.
The herons above were actually building this nest together. We saw one of them delivering sticks to the other to place on the nest.

There were only about 4 nests altogether.

This is the setting at the locks. The nests are in the Alders to the right of the Fir tree on the other side of the locks from where this photo was taken.