Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Humbug Bag

I made this one as a gift for one of our preschool teachers, but Chris photographed it for me before I send it off tomorrow. The funny thing is that as I finish each bag, one or the other of the boys grabs it and wants it. "Oh, I love this one, Mama. I'm going to use it to store some legos..." I think each of them has about 3 bags now!
And speaking of bags, I bought some new patterns off Etsy from a shop called Keyka Lou the other day and I'm so excited to get started! Besides being darling and reasonably priced, here's what she says in her profile that sold me:

All my patterns are designed to be simple to complete in 1-3 hours, so they are great to have on hand for making gifts or just a quick weekend afternoon project in between all the other stuff you have to take care of in life.

I'm starting with the Bubble Pouch (pictures below), but I also bought the Small Satchel and the Easy Envelope Clutches.

In the bath

Playing with their legos in water is their latest thing. Usually it's in the sink, but sometimes the mini-figs find their way into the tub as well.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Camp For a Day

During college I spent my summers working at Camp Sealth, a large residential summer camp on Vashon Island. So I was really excited that this past weekend they had a family day with all the traditional camp activities available. We took our relatives who were visiting for the week, packed a picnic, and headed out for a day of camp. Just being there in the place where I made so many summer memories and good friends, and laughed the hardest I've ever laughed in my life - it made me more than a little nostalgic. Plus it was so fun to see our own kids experiencing a taste of camp. They loved it!
Here's Grampa Tommy with Ember on the Boata Dock.

An abandoned hummingbird's nest with four tiny, perfect eggs.

Yogi waits to get his craft project ironed. He made a fuse beads square.

On our hike back from the archery range we spotted a Western Tanager in the distant trees - a bird I've rarely seen.