Friday, August 22, 2014

Geyser Basins!

Day 5: Geyser Basins! We started the day with a photo shoot of the resident Pronghorn Antelope near the entrance arch.

Then we made our way South visiting the various geyser basins as we passed them. Parking was a challenge as were the crowds, but where else can you see all these thermal features?

Fountain Paint Pots...a little bit of everything thermal!

Lunch at Great Fountain Geyser. We saw the pool fill, but that was all.

Grand Prismatic Spring at Midway Geyser Basin

We climbed a hill opposite the spring to get this view.

We ended the day at the Upper Geyser Basin where we saw Old Faithful erupt.

The crowd on the other side!

Then we wandered along the boardwalk in the evening light and got very lucky! First we stumbled upon Castle Geyser which was moments from a major eruption ending with the steam phase that sounded like a jet engine. (It's on a 14 hour cycle so our chances of seeing it were very slim!)

A few minutes later Grand Geyser (the tallest predictable geyser in the world (100-200 feet) erupted in huge splashy bursts.

Finally, we ended the day with my favorite geyser : Grotto Geyser. It was having a "marathon" erupting continuously for 24 hours so there was no chance we could miss this one!

Isn't it cute?!

We didn't get home until after 10pm that night. This shot was taken on the drive home. An ominous sky...

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