Thursday, September 4, 2014

Horses and Hiking

Day 6: Horses and a hiking! Started the day with a trail ride in Jardine, a tiny gathering of shacks and a now defunct gold mining operation north of Gardiner outside the park. Ember has been longing for a real trail ride, but since she's only six, she's too young for a ride in the park. We found Specimen Creek Outfitters and signed up for a one hour trail ride for me and the kids.

We all loved feeding them from our hands. I've never felt anything like that dry, velvety muzzle.

On the trail...

Group shot!

The weather was much cooler and overcast, but by the time we finished lunch, the clouds had parted so we chose a nearby five mile hike to the beaver ponds near Mammoth.

After a short steep section, the trail leveled off, the kids were happily chatting their way down the trail, and the views were incredible.Here we're looking north towards the area where we were on horseback earlier in the day.

The beaver ponds sans beavers!
Just as we were making our way down the final section of trail, the heavy clouds had rolled back in and it started to downpour. Instead of a cookout, we made spaghetti in our little room and enjoyed an early evening at home.
This was taken during a break in the rain from our balcony that evening.

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