Saturday, December 22, 2007

Baby Girls

What is it about clothing for baby girls? Seriously. I was in the Gymboree clothing store and I found myself picking up the most darling little things, holding them up by the hanger, smiling stupidly and just getting completely lost in my dreams of outfitting our baby girl . And I'm kind of embarrassed that I'm dreaming about how cute she'll be instead of how bright or charming or curious. It's all about the clothes.

It's not the same with boys clothes. For my boys I look for pants that will hold up to lots rough play in the mud and dirt. I look for all solids - maybe stripes. There's no dreaming, no fantasizing.

Anyway, I was able to control myself and walked out of there with nothing for a girl. But I can't wait! Maybe after our paperwork is all finished I'll treat myself and pick something out.

By the way, still no form I-171H. Now it will have to wait until January. I'm getting worried that they've lost our paperwork, but I think I'm just being paranoid.

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