Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No News is...

No news is...no news. Still no I-171H, but several other blogging families have gotten their referrals recently and are anticipating court dates and travel! See the links on the right!

This evening while I was making dinner I put on some cheery Christmas music. I'll admit my Christmas selection is very limited, but I still like it and with all the lights and decorated tree in the corner, it just fills me with the Christmas spirit. Not so for Yogi. He came stomping in, crossed his arms and said, "No more Santa songs!" Later this evening both boys wanted to play Santa so we pretended to be asleep in the living room while one or the other of them hid in our vacuum cupboard. Then after a few seconds of our fake snoring noises they would creep out with the canvas domino sack slung over their shoulder. It was very cute! We'll be having our Christmas morning on Thursday since we'll be in the desert for the actual holiday. I told the boys that I talked with Santa and that we agreed to have tree gifts on Thursday and stockings in the desert.

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