Saturday, December 15, 2007

Feeling Anxious

I've been checking the mail each day hoping to see that I-171H so that we can send our dossier for authentication before Christmas. I don't think it will happen. Most likely our paperwork will be sent for authentication in January which is just fine, right? The best timing for us to actually bring home our daughter would be next summer since Yogi will be potty trained and both boys can attend the same preschool program together at the same time! Still, it's hard not to feel anxious. It really only took me about 2 1/2 weeks to gather all the paperwork and get all the notarizations, another month to complete the home study, and then another two months on top of that to get our I-171H.

So today I finally tackled the job of wrapping the Christmas presents! That meant that I was locked in our bedroom on my hands and knees on the floor trying to get it done before the kids caught on to the fact that I wasn't around. Luckily Chris was here to help keep them distracted. I still have at least another hour of wrapping and labeling which is where I'm headed now. Good night!

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