Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Birthday

Today we celebrated Beck's 4th birthday. Our Seattle family was here for lunch and birthday cake - a Scoop cake, by request. He got several wonderful presents including his first two-wheeler bike! Later in the day we took it for a ride around the block and he easily whizzed far ahead of us - and as I saw him getting smaller in the distance I thought, "There goes my baby!" It was another of those "wake-up" moments where suddenly he's leapfrogging (in this case off the back of his little trike) and into his future. Beck was proud and excited and so was I. I sure love that little guy. I'll try to get some photos up by tomorrow.

And now an adoption update: Children's House International called on Friday to tell me that they received our dossier and that we are officially on the waiting list for our baby girl. They estimate that it will only be about two months for our referral, but that it could be three to five months after that before we travel to Ethiopia.

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emme said...

Fantastic Susan about the progress toward the adoption! Remember - even though Beck isn't baby, he is still a little boy and very cute!