Saturday, January 5, 2008

They're not babies anymore!

About once a week I really clean the wood floors in the kitchen and dining area. Of course, I do what I can on a daily basis, but with two young eaters and lots of spills and messing eating I just can't get it all. So about once a week I vacuum, chip off all the hardened food spills from the boys, and then damp mop the entire area. But this week as I worked my way around the table I noticed that Beck's area was basically clean - as was the foot rest on his chair. And then I started thinking that he really doesn't use a bib much anymore either. And you know what this means: Beck is growing up! It's funny how sometimes I wake up from all the chaos and realize, wow, they've changed - suddenly they've taken a giant step forward. Even Yogi surprised me this week when I noticed that he's saying, "Oh, darn it!" when something doesn't go his way. This is not something you hear from a baby. He still makes a big mess when he eats though!

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