Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tickle me Timbers

It snowed! I took my walk while it was still swirling down last night which I consider a great treat and this morning it was white, but the snow had a hard icy crust on top. Sort of disappointing for the boys who wanted to roll out a snowman or two. Anyway, when I swept back the living room curtains this morning Beck took a look outside and shouted, "Tickle me timbers! It's white outside!" And then he did a little dance down the hall. This is why I love living with small children. Chris would never do that sort of thing!

Later in the day it turned Colorado on us with a searing blue sky and an ice cold wind. While I enjoy the winter sunshine, I don't enjoy the way every fleck of dust becomes visible in the low skim light. All that dust just drives me crazy and I spent a lot of time vacuuming. Which I do plenty of anyway!

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emme said...

Well, Chris would have done that when he was Beck's age.