Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Sleeping Circus

Our bed is seeing a lot of action these nights. And, no, I do not mean THAT kind of action. It's like this: Chris and I go to bed and fall asleep. A few hours later Beck joins us and wakes me up so I can help him and his load of stuffed animals in. A few hours later Chris moves Beck back into Beck's bed after being speared in the back by Beck's head. A few hours later Beck re-joins us and wakes Yogi up in the process. Then Yogi comes in with his blanket. Yogi complains that the covers are touching him; he only wants his blanket on him. Yogi sleeps for a few hours and then wakes up loudly announcing that he wants to go back to his bed. I take him back. The alarm clock rings and Chis gets up for work. This wakes Yogi up and he returns to our bed. Now Beck is awake and wants his oatmeal. I give up!

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