Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Fond Interests

This weekend I was scanning my bookshelves looking for more books to weed out, when I stumbled upon an old notebook with all of my calligraphy work. So I sat down and carefully paged through the whole thing: the practice pages, the layout ideas, the exemplars, the poems and quotes I wanted to work on. What struck me the most was how I've completely forgotten about some of my past interests. Not only have I no time for playing around with creative pursuits, I haven't even had a chance to think about missing them. But with the notebook sitting right there in my lap, well, I had a nice long day dream about sitting down with all my pens, the pretty glass bottles of ink, the baby-blue lined papers. So organized, so quiet and meditative, so clean!

Anyway, here is a piece I particularly liked and always meant to work on, but never got to.

My Fond Interests by Chen Jiru

studio, cool breeze and beautiful moon
vase of flowers
tea, bamboo shoots, oranges and tangerines all in season
amid mountains and river
stretching under the sun
peace in the world
talking to high monks in the snow
having strange rocks and bronzes by my side
getting up from sleep
recovering from sickness
freely displaying objects, but slowly putting them away

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