Tuesday, March 4, 2008

100 Books

I picked up a flyer at the library the other day listing the 100 books that every child should hear before going to school. I checked off about 2/3 of them already. I don't really like all the books on this list, but I think it'll be fun to work our way through it. Besides, it's good to share with kids why some books don't work for you.

I think there may be at least one other mom of preschool aged children who might read this post so this is for you! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow Susan, I did not realize bacon would spark so much attention and get so many comments. I guess food blogs rule. :-) EB

Lindy Young said...

Hi! We're adopting from CHI and just rec'd our court date. Please let's keep in touch and let me know if you hear anything about your referral ... perhaps we will be in the same travel group, although at the very least if I am there first I can take photos of your little baby for you! My email is wildmile@hotmail.com.