Friday, March 7, 2008


And just when I got last week's dried vomit brushed off of my Keens, I get hit again! The grand finale to Yogi's long lasting cold was a terrible ear infection that lead to vomiting - once on me at the doctor's office and all over his bed the second time. Poor guy! Hopefully he's on the mend now.

Well, I'd stay and chat, but I have a new "weekend improvement strategy". Basically I'm trying to get all of the once-a-week cleaning chores accomplished today so that I'm not so busy over the weekend and we have a better time as a family. And why is working like a house slave better on Fridays than Saturdays you ask? Because I have this expectation that weekends are going to be easier and more relaxing and therefore more fun than a normal weekday. And I'm tired of being disappointed. It's worth a try.

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emme said...

hope it works susan, my house was just a wreck all the time when the kids were little. of course, it still is a wreck, what can i blame it on now?