Saturday, March 8, 2008

Just Up

My international adoption book suggests cleaning out all of your closets while you wait for your referral so that you:

1. keep busy and productive - maintain a sense of accomplishment and
2. get things cleaned up now since you won't have time after your baby arrives

I'm working my way through the hall closet now and found this in a bag of papers that accumulated during one of our remodels. Before I file it away I thought I'd share it.

Just Up

When we awaken there is a moment
before we remember
the burdens we bear,
that yesterday we lost or won
a fortune or a battle or a love
or that today we must go
to work or to court or to hospital
or we have nowhere to go,
before we start piecing together
who we have been or who we will be,
and in that moment we are simply
consciousness, sensation,
appetite not yet linked to
memory or will.
I like the way we are
in that naked moment
before we are defined,
in that briefest moment
before we don ourselves.

-Steven Barza

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Sarah and Tim said...

I totally agree... anything to keep busy is best. Thanks for stopping by our blog.
The wait has extended for all infant adoptions in Ethiopia, regardless of the agency (we're with WHFC) since the program has seen great growth in the last year. Additionally, the Ethiopian government takes great pains to make sure all adoptions are a-OK, which is fine by me. Best of luck to you and your family.