Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On Location

Hello! Here I am on location at my parents' cabin. I snuck away while the boys float their little wooden boats on the stream with their grampa. The sky:clearest blue studded with clouds, the air: impossibly crisp and fresh, the landscape: tawny dry grasses bending in the wind, bright evergreens, dark mountains low in the distance under heavy caps of clouds, the water in the harbor rough from the wind. What is it with this place? Is the air just that much cleaner here than in the city? We left yesterday for a spur of the moment trip since our stairs were being refinished and I didn't want the boys to breath in all the outgassing.

So then. Let's catch up first! My "weekend improvement plan"? Well, it didn't work out exactly as I had planned. Basically I just had more time to work on other house projects. Thanks to my parents the basement is almost finished. We're so close now. I've actually started on our next big project: the backyard. Now that we're getting close to the end - the end of a 5 year project that has consumed us, I've thought a little about our decision to buy a mid-century fixer-upper, get married, and start our family all at the same time. It's been challenging. We're tired.

And last, but not least, I want to note that today I finally sent in my letter of resignation to my school district. This is the same school district where I attended school k-12, did my student teaching, and started my career 17 years ago. Really for the first time since I was 5 years old (not counting the first 3 years of college)I'm not connected to the Edmonds School Disctrit. And you know what? It feels good!

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Lindy Young said...

Susan, congratulations on your new, wide-open slate! What a great signal to the universe that you are READY for your baby to come!

To answer your question on our wait time, we handed in our dossier Nov. 1, and on Dec. 15 we were told that our baby was waiting for us at the Thomas Center, but for some reason they did not get the paperwork together for almost another two months. (Excruciating.) So we either waited 1.5 months or 3.3 months, depending. It seems most people wait 2 months or less at CHI. Our court date did come pretty quickly, though -- about one month from the day we accepted our referral. It is scheduled for March 21 -- please keep us in your thoughts!!