Thursday, March 13, 2008

Caulk Fight

I'm not sure where they got this, but my boys love guns right now. We don't have guns, don't approve of guns, and tell the kids constantly that guns kill people, but nonetheless they are fascinated. Beck tries to make it ok by telling us that his guns have "rescue bullets" in them and when I say "his guns", I mean the pencil or stick or other pointy object he has in his hand. Yogi prefers his own pointer finger.

The other day I took the boys to a roofing supply store to pick up a few scuppers. As we walked into the store they both ran over to a big display of caulk and immediately armed themselves with two tubes each. And then they started their "shoot-out". They ducked behind displays and then popped out with the caulk pointed at the other and made little air burst noises for the bullets. While I tried to complete my transaction with the sour clerk I noticed she seemed annoyed with all three of us. Finally I had my scuppers and it was time to leave and the clerk walked over to the boys.

"Put the caulk down and step away from the display," she growled.

All she needed to do was flip her badge and ask the boys to put their hands in the air and she would've made their day...a real shoot out complete with the sheriff!

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emme said...

ahhh susan, it's a boy thing you know, they just love guns. chris, i am certain, played with guns and little green army men. if they don't have a toy gun, anything else will do - a pencil, a screw driver, their finger as you said. many a mother has despaired. some day they will grow past it, but i have the cutest picture of them using the caulking guns as weapons. i can just hear the theme music from Dragnet.