Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Help, I need a new book!

Last night I finished the third book in the six book Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Here is my very brief take on the first three books:

Outlander: Part bodice ripper, part time travel, part historical fiction, a page turner and great start to a big adventure.How could any woman not fall in love with Jamie Fraser?!

Dragonfly in Ashes: More historical fiction and much less bodice ripper. I enjoyed it, but definitely skimmed some of the 700+ pages.

Voyager: Maybe my favorite of the three. Heavy on adventure with lots of unexpected twists and turns.

I think I'll take a break before I dive into the last three. Any suggestions for a great read?


emme said...

i just finished "The Secret Life of Bees" which is a bit shorter than the Outlander books and pretty good. i read it for my new book club here at work. it's really a story about women and their relationships, but also a little bit about the civil rights movement. i am a big fan of barbara kingslover too and really liked "The Poisonwood Bible" but you may have read it already as it's an older book. if you want laugh out loud funny with a tiny bit of sexy - you should read janet evanovich's stephanie plum series...it starts with "One for the Money" and is about a woman bounty hunter

susan said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Emme! I have already read Bees and most Kingsolver - though not Poisonwood. And I've read one Evanovich, but it's been a few years. I did manage to grab an Elizabeth Berg while I was at the library the other day and maybe I'll read that since it's here. The problem is, I just don't have time to browse these days - and I'm not around enough grown-ups who actually read to get recommendations so please, keep it up! :)

emme said...

Poisonwood Bible is fantastic - about a family that does missionary work in Africa. Kingslover's family actually did that although the book is not autobiographical. I also like the Kay Scarpetta novels by Patricia Cornwell and the Kathy Reichs about a forensic anthopologist although they are nothing like the TV show 'Bones' which is suppose to be based on her books. I like murder mysteries - what can I say. My friend recommends the series 'The Dresden Files' by Jim Buthcher. They are about a wizard who is a police detective - kind of a like a grown up Harry Potter. I haven't read them yet myself.

emme said...

Oh and I love Jodi Picoult books which are straight human drama, very good...I especially liked Second Glance.