Sunday, April 6, 2008

An Afternoon for Painting

Notice the picture Yogi is working on. He started with the purple and then spent the rest of the session covering the entire page in red. Lots and lots of thick red paint.In the time Yogi worked on his one picture, Beck had finished six. In fact Yogi was still adding layers of red even after Beck had moved on to playing with cars.

As you can see, Beck works fast! And his lovely wild hair? Gone. These were taken last weekend and they got haircuts a few days later. Now they both look like they're ready for basic training.


Craig & Cindy said...

Little artists...fantastic! I wonder what it means that he loves red so much...very interesting. If you will entertain my layman's analysis, I'd say he's a passionate individual.



Anonymous said...

Now we know why Yogi was attracted to the red leaf at the zoo. (blog heaven)

emme said...

after looking at the boys painting, casey and i had a long conversation this morning about the paintings she and shea did when they were a little bit older. we have them hanging on the wall in the extra bedroom. it was so fun to hear her memories of that childhood activity. when they were really little, i let them paint the walls of the bathtub during bathtime and then it was easy clean up! yogi certainly is intense about whatever he does!