Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yogi and the Bag

One thing I love about having kids is enjoying all the funny things they do. You never know what it's going to be next. Things like what they say, what games and scenarios they make up, how they make sense of the world and in Yogi's case, what he's going to be attached to for the day. Unlike Beck who always turns to Piggy for naps or to take in the car or for recharging after some particularly intense play, Yogi changes his special object almost every day.

A long time ago I posted a photo of Yogi napping with a toy hammer. Other days it's a book on cake decorating or a rubber froggy boot, or pretty much any old thing he decides on. Well, today he found a crumpled bag - an old gift bag, I think - that we found as I was going through boxes in the basement. The bag does have a big Buzz Lightyear on it, but it's also crumpled and torn. Anyway, I just looked in on him while he's napping and there he is cuddled right up next to that big bag, right there sharing the pillow with his head. It's pretty cute.

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