Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Zoo Trip

It's only Wednesday and I've already been to the zoo twice this week. Don't I have the exciting life! Chris took the day off today so between applying coats of finish on the doors downstairs we popped over to the zoo and had a nice afternoon excursion. The baby gorilla was out and active today. Plus the weather was tolerable - even a few sun breaks, and there was almost nobody there - just how I like it!

Other than that I've been busy cleaning and organizing. I'm trying to accomplish at least one new task each day - one thing that isn't part of my normal routine. But let's face it: I'm moving forward at a snail's pace. And I think I've been staying up too late reading The Poisonwood Bible so I'm tired. We did manage to watch a real movie though. It took us two nights, but it was worth it. Match Point, a Woody Allen flick. Suspenseful. Oh, and I made that chocolate cake again and I decided that it tastes like ding dongs. You really should try it yourself. I love ding dongs.


emme said...

isn't the poisonwood bible great - i didn't want it to end.

susan said...

Yes, it is! I feel like the story is growing bigger with each turn of the page. It's complex and has completely drawn me in. Thanks so much for the recommendation!!

Craig & Cindy said...

Lovely pics! I can't wait to get to the zoo - I love spring babies.