Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby Gorilla

I know that writing about the weather is boring stuff, but the day we had yesterday was like a sneak preview for summer! It was just one day surrounded on all sides by rain and cold and damp. We're back to highs in the mid 50's again today with rain in the forecast every day this week. But yesterday... Even the air felt different to breathe - soft, warm, gentle, relaxing!

We decided to go to the zoo and as it turns out, everyone else with small children in this city made the same choice. The lines just to get in were longer than I have ever seen them; it was 35 minutes before we walked through the front gates. At least we got to see the baby gorilla and that was worth it. Sometimes the crush of people around here gets to me. We have to plan out almost everything we do around when it won't be crowded, when we're most likely to find a parking spot. It wears me out. If it weren't for my family and Chris's job, I'd be all for moving out of here. But at least there's the baby gorilla.

Here's Yogi and Beck peeking out of the house wren's nest sculpture at the zoo.


emme said...

the baby gorilla is so cute (well, so are the boys). dad said on his blog that Uzumma had spinal surgery, yikes. does he get about okay?

susan said...

Yes, the surgery was a few months ago and went well! He's just fine! BTW, surgeons from Children's Hospital assisted with the procedure.Cool, huh?!

emme said...

Susan - how does August 16th (Saturday) to August 21st (Thursday) sound for Casey and me to visit? Any time of day that is better?

susan said...

The dates sound great! Let me know when you book tickets and I'll put it on the calendar! Yay!