Friday, April 4, 2008

The New Bathroom

We bought our house in 2003 and it was described as a mid-century fixer-upper, built in 1957. Between the time we made our offer and it closed, I found out I was pregnant and so to say the least, it's been a very busy five years with two baby boys and lots and lots of fixing! We've done the remodeling projects in a few phases - the most recent was the basement and some of the exterior. And with that, please follow me to our new downstairs bathroom!

Vintage 1957 with the blue plastic wall tiles and shower insert added later -maybe in the mid-80's? Not sure when the bars over the window were installed. Nice touch, don't you think? Scroll down to the next picture for the same view today.

Now, if you'll just step into the bathroom and move to the back corner and then look back out toward the hall, you'd see this in 1957:

...and this today in 2008:

Ok, folks, thanks for joining me. You can exit through the doors on your right...and have a nice day!

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Craig & Cindy said...

Super nice! It looks way roomier nowadays as well... Love the shower!