Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Boxes

Even though we didn't do much this weekend, I feel excited like something fantastic has happened. And after so many years and so much of moving those boxes around, something fantastic is happening! I'm finally opening and organizing all those boxes. My parents bought me a 4 drawer filing cabinet so a lot of my teaching stuff has a home now.My own filing cabinet! Ahhh, I could go on, but I think this thrill and all the details are probably not so interesting to everyone else.

Yogi found that big bag of my childhood stuffed animals and picked this one for himself. I called it Binky, but he decided to rename it Quacky.

And here's Beck with his View Master.


emme said...

i can actually relate to the thrill of a new filing cabinet - maybe it's a teacher thing. if you still didn't get the email - we are coming in on saturday, aug 16th at 6:10 PM and leaving the next thursday at 7:00 PM on southwest

emme said...

p.s. doesn't yogi have the prettiest big brown eyes! they remind me of casey when she was little.

susan said...

Hi emme!

yes, I did get the email and I put the dates on the calendar! We're so excited that you're coming for a visit!!

emme said...

great, we are so looking forward to it :)

Craig & Cindy said...

I can totally relate to finding a place to organize things. Seriously! Craig and I have been debating about buying that nice piece of furniture for the living room or the much more needed office desk for the office room. Congrats to finally having a place where your teaching stuff can call home. :)

Love the quacky!