Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All Boy

It annoys me when mothers of boys say, "Yeah, and he's all boy!" But seriously, I'm starting to think that. Never mind that the focus of their play is cars and trucks and construction vehicles, never mind that they love to dig and play in the dirt whenever they can. I'll even overlook the times Beck has said, "I don't like gurwl stuff." But today Beck brought a book to share at preschool called Turn Turn Turn. It's just the lyrics to the 1960's Pete Seeger protest song taken from Ecclesiastes. So in school the kids are asked to share their favorite page and what did Beck choose? A time of war. And then he pointed out all the guns and tanks and army guys. I felt a bit apologetic towards his peace loving Montessori teachers, but then I heard a little voice in my head say,"Well, what do you expect? He's all boy, you know?"


emme said...

Ahhh yes, boys versus girls. so far you've only had boys - and even though they have different personalities, they are still all boy. once you have a girl - you will really see the difference. shea was born ready to rock and roll, casey was born batting her eye lashes and flirting. we have video of them playing with the same doll at around 2 and 4. casey was pretending to dress and diaper it and shea was throwing it up in the air and slicing at it with a sword! yes, boys will be all boy.

susan said...

I suppose it is because I only know boys! And believe me, I am really excited to play with something other than cars and trucks! Thanks for your fun comments, Emme!!