Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Guess what I did today? I registered our baby girl and myself for her first class: the infant cooperative at North Seattle Community College. It's basically just an organized play date once a week for college credit. And it'll work out great because both boys will be in preschool during that time. Now I just hope she's home in time to start in September! We haven't heard any more about when we can expect our referral and they really can't say. They told me mid March, but I'm betting it'll be at least April. Nothing is ever as quick as you'd like.

But we have started to think about our trip to Ethiopia and we're trying to learn more about the place, it's history and culture. Yesterday I bought two travel books and I'm starting with this one:

Beck took a look at the cover and asked,"Who's that girl?"

"Your sister," I answered.

He looked again at the book and then back at me. "She's a pirate?"

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