Friday, February 1, 2008


I took the boys up to my parents' cabin for a few days this week -- just to get away and to escape from cleaning the house, making phone calls about projects related to the remodel (currently it's the fence and window treatments) and to give the boys a few days in the country. It ended up being quite snowy when we first got there so my mom bought a small plastic toboggan and boy, was that fun! The snow was getting somewhat icy so after going down a short slope, there was a long, fast run across the field. Beck did about 50 trips the first night. Yogi was more interested in making a snowman and eating the snow.

Then the weather warmed up and we spent time at the beach. I love how everyone just gets busy at the beach. I hunted for agates (Yogi asked me if they had baby birds inside!), Beck and Yogi worked with their shovels and played in the water, mom enjoyed the scenery. It was so nice to be outside.


emme said...

what cute pictures, makes me nostalgic for those preschool years...they were a lot of fun and the kids could spend hours playing in the snow and then strip off and flake in front of our wall heater until they were well toasted.

Susan said...

I know what you mean! Now, I'm wishing we had more days of snow. Some winters we don't even get a single one!