Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Sweet Spot

When Yogi was just born and little Beck was only 1 1/2, I was miserable. They both seemed to need me all of the time. I was in constant pain with sciatica and chronic muscle tension in my upper back. I lost a lot of weight - fast. It was a very difficult year and during that year, people often would say, "Well, it's hard now having them so close together, but it'll be great in the future when they can play together."

Fast forward 2 1/2 years, the future has arrived, and you know what? They were right! Today Beck and Yogi played together and made up little stories and scenes involving various characters and several vehicles for 70 minutes in one session alone. 70 minutes. That's more than an hour straight with my two boys happy and busy and not needing me. I just got this little sad feeling when I typed "not needing me" because I know that will come soon enough. Hmmm... Maybe I'm hitting the sweet spot of parenting where they still need you all the time for hugs and food and stories and comfort, but they are old enough to entertain themselves for little stretches of time. It was nice.


Grandpa T. said...

I called Deni about supper at their house on Sunday and she begged off, partially because her oldest son asked her to "help" him with his grocery shopping - so don't assume they won't need you when they grow up (and I don't think it was just Mom's wallet that he needed).
Grandpa T.

emme said...

and just think, soon you'll have another little one who needs you all the time :) so enjoy this wonderful time when they can actually entertain themselves for a bit.