Tuesday, February 5, 2008

House Happenings

I'm writing from my parents' house where we are staying while the wooden doors and trim in the basement are being finished. My parents have generously offered to do this very smelly task for us and boy, are we grateful! All in all it felt like a lot was accomplished today: new fence posts were set up, I picked up the new faucet for the downstairs bath, and we are on the calendar for our shower to be measured. Things are happening! Chris talked to our contractor about the railing and he acted like it would be no problem to complete it by our deadline, so I'm trying to be hopeful about it.

That's it for tonight since the computer is in the room where the boys will sleep. Correction: the computer is in the room where the boys and I will sleep (3 in a bunk bed - That should be interesting!)

Over and out.

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