Monday, February 4, 2008

The Fence

We are getting a new fence this week. Finally. Our house was built in 1957 and the fence was the same vintage. It was sagging and losing pieces constantly and then last summer the contractor ripped out a big section of it so that he could drive through it into the backyard. From the south side, my mom thinks our house looks like a shanty town -- so this will undoubtedly be a big upgrade. Plus, with our backyard secure, the boys can play outside in our own yard.

Actually,I take that back. The backyard won't be entirely secure, because we have a new spiral staircase up to the deck which still has no railing. Our contractor left the job after Labor Day weekend and left us a new deck from which you can fall to your death. Nice of him, huh? Chris and I wrote him a carefully worded letter this weekend and hopefully this will be resolved soon.


emme said...

so, your house is the same age as me. guess i could use a makeover too but it's more than my fence that is sagging! :)

susan said...

Emme, believe me, you look way better than our fence!