Monday, February 4, 2008

Sleepless Yogi

Sleep doesn't come as easy to Yogi as it does to Beck. Even though Beck is 4, he still readily takes an afternoon nap. And at 2 1/2 I would expect Yogi to need a nap, but he usually gets out of his bed shortly after going down and says simply, "I can't sweep." It's the same at bedtime. Beck goes to bed with his fingers twirling Piggy's tail and even if he's not sleepy, he usually stays in bed. Yogi gets out and either finds us or finds something fun to do!

Tonight after we put the boys down, Chris and I went downstairs and outside to discuss some details about the fence. After a few minutes I came in. As I was coming up the stairs I thought I heard some rustling noises in the living room and there was Yogi happily setting up Candy Land. He had all the figures lined up on the board and was getting out the stack of Candy Land cards. A few weeks ago, Chris found him with a box of Dora bandaids, unwrapping them as fast as he could and sticking them to his arms and legs on top of his pajamas. He is such a nut!

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