Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Present Moment

I've been feeling anxious lately about the adoption. I think it's because nothing is happening right now -- no feeling like we're moving forward and accomplishing something which is how I felt during the paperwork. We're just waiting. And a little bit of uncertainty - like it might never happen - is beginning to creep into my thoughts. Which brings me back to a class I took on stress reduction and relaxation. The entire focus of the class was to wake up to the present moment, to get beyond your thoughts; to acknowledge them, but not give so much power to them. It's quite simple, but as any worrier knows, not easy. Anyway, I heard about this book of 6 word autobiographies and it caught my interest. My life in 6 words?

Always waiting for the next thing.

Right now it's the adoption, but it's always something: my first job, summer break, marriage, having a baby, getting the remodel done, going to Hawaii...etc. But I don't think it's just me. Doesn't everyone wait for the next thing? Don't you?

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emme said...

hmmm, maybe i'll have to watch the wiggles the next time i can't sleep. i'm quite the worrier too, adn often waiting for the next thing...finishing my phd, getting a new job...but i do find it possible to be in the moment too. not sure how to tell you to do that, maybe the boys aren't keeping you busy enough (ha ha ha)